Double-head machine confectionery DAC-3 600


Trays: 600/1000-600/800-600/400 to different designs cakes.
Device for cutting string.

Power supply 3 x 400 V
The installed capacity 2,55 kW
Weight 300 kg
Height 1400 mm
Width 1200 mm
Length 1390 mm

Automatic double-head Pastry DAC-3 600 is used to produce various kinds of pastry. The machine that uses a new control system that allows the table to move in all three directions (x, y, z) at the same time. Thanks to the lateral movement of the table increases the number of shapes produced cakes from one end. DAC-3 600 is controlled by a microprocessor that the communication with the user uses the color control panel. Used new software and modern performance allows for very fast science, effective and efficient work.


The bakery trays stacked on the movable table while the machine is metered cake with two trays, which can be in one cake white and the other colored cake (cream) or marmalade. Depending on the type of terminal and the machine settings can produce cakes with filling, decorated and marketing tips, lateral movement of the table allows you to create additional patterns.


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