Coating MDC type 600/800


  MDC 600 MDC 800
Height 1770 mm
Width 960 mm 1160
Table length 1810 mm
Power supply 3 x 400 V
The installed capacity 5,1 kW 5,5 KW
Mesh width 620 mm 837 mm
Weight 300kg 360kg

Coating is suitable for coating a liquid chocolate or chocolate icing confectionery products, such as:

- Waffles,
- Biscuits,
- Gingerbread,
- jelly

Coating MDC standard version allows you to perform the following process:
- Wrap,
- Watering,
- Wrap the watering
- Blowing the excess glaze

Additional equipment of the machine allows decorating a thin layer of chocolate.


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