Bake oven rotary type PPO-1


Height 250 cm  
Width 144 cm  
Depth 195 cm  
Weight 1450 kg  
Turnover truck 2-9 
Infinitely adjustable
Baking area 7,2 m2 15 sheet 60x80 w od. 105 mm
Baking area 8,6 m2 18 sheet 60x80 w od. 87 mm
Baking area 11,5 m2 24 sheet 60x80 w odl. 63 mm
Approximate performance 80-100 kg/h  
Maximum diagonal rotation 1030 mm  
Max width trolley an entry 660 mm  
Maximum permissible load 100 kg  
Max allowable temperature 300 °C  
The noise level 64 dB  
Performance condensation 0,4-5 dm3 At 260 ° C dosing time 1-15 sec
Fan performance vapors 500 m3  
Power supply 3x400 V  
Electric power installed 2,0 kW  
Thermal power 70 kW 60000 kcal/h
The rate of temperature increase 15/min °C The empty furnace
Oil consumption 4 kg/h Approximate value
Szybkość wzrostu temperatury 6/min °C With a full oven
Single stage oil burner   Light fuel oil
Power supply 230 V/B Jednofazowe 50 Hz
Nozzle 1,5 kąt 60° DL When the pump is set to 12 bar
The single gas burner    
The electric version 70 kW  

The rotary kiln type PPO-1 is designed to bake all types of bread and pastries on baking sheets, forms, arranged in a wheelchair.


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