Tuesday, 11 June 2013 11:15

About us


ELCAL has been on the market since 1969.

The company is based in Biała Rawska, a town located 55 kilometres from Warsaw. ELCAL’s main line of business is the production of equipment and machines for the confectionery and baking industries.

about us


In addition, ELCAL supplies complete specialist process lines which are tailored to specific tasks. All ELCAL machines are designed and made in compliance with the Polish Standards and relevant EU guidelines, and hold PZH (Polish Institute of Hygiene) approval certificates. Due to ongoing efforts to improve the product range, and a number of valuable contacts in the industry, both in Poland and abroad, ELCAL has a strong presence on the market.

ELCAL has been repeatedly awarded the “FAIR PLAY COMPANY” certificate. In addition, the company has received a number of honorary mentions and awards in the “POLISH SUCCESS” contest, and gold medals at Polish and foreign trade fairs.